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A collection of great ads, design and type clippings, eloquent copy — things I wish I'd worked on or that I aspire to match someday. Plus things that inspire or motivate me to work.

Jessica Kennedy, Charleston WV
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Congratulations Graduate! 11 Reasons Why I Will Never Hire You.

Petra Ruja Honey - #Logo #design & #packaging



Treadwell specializes in no-nonsense floors that last. Their brand is about standing upright. Walking the walk. It’s also about empowering clients to move forward with confidence, secure in the knowledge that they’ve chosen the right product, and the right people, for the job. 


Hand-painted typography on vintage saws - useful for extracting extra budget from clients

By Vault46 


Great illustrations


A contemporary set of illustrative book covers for Cormac McCarthy novels. Aimed at bringing very traditional novels to a new audience.

I think this would make my mid-afternoon tea an even happier occasion… Great #packaging #design Butterfly Tea Yena Lee

  • This is the day and age of packaging! Quality products do sell well, but to give them that creative edge, they need to be packaged well. For example a great tasting tea will always be bought, but if it’s sold as cleverly packaged as this butterfly tea bag, then you give it that creative edge to be bought by the curious minds and impulse shoppers.

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